Nintendo DS –The Game you can’t find everywhere

The Nintendo DS which is also abbreviated to DS or NDS is a portable game console produced by Nintendo, first released on November 21, 2004. A unique feature of the system is the presence of two separate LCD screens, the lower one which is a touch screen, encompassed within a clamshell design, similar to the Game Boy Advance SP. The Nintendo DS also features a built-in microphone and supports wireless standards, allowing players to interact with each other within short range, or online with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. The Nintendo DS is the first Nintendo console to be released in North America before Japan. While The Nintendo DSi is a handheld game system created by Nintendo and launched in 2008 and 2009 in Japan, North America, PAL territories, and other regions. It is the third iteration of the Nintendo DS, and its primary market rival is Sony’s PlayStation Portable. A larger model, entitled Nintendo DSi XL, was launched in 2009 and 2010.

The Nintendo DSi system plays nearly all of the hundreds of great Nintendo DS titles in stores. From games starring Nintendo favorites like Mario, Zelda, and Kirby to family-friendly titles for gamers of any age, you’ll find a great experience for everyone. It provides endless hours of gaming excitement due to the built-in software to flex your creative skills, and easy access to hundreds of downloadable games.

The R4DS is basically a blank cartridge for the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite. Even since the release of the r4ds back in 2008 it has been hands down the most popular R4 card for the DS console range, this is mainly due to the surge in popularity with the name and still continues to be one of the most popular even today. These R4 type cards will unlock so many more possibilities for your consoles. They enable the consoles to play video files in DPG format, play your MP3 music and of course the main feature of the R4 cards is to play the vast amount of homebrew games and applications that have been produced to be used in conjunction with these units.

The R4 DS Card is your Slot 1 solution for running homebrew applications, DS backups, and more. This Slot 1 solution boasts “drag and drop” functionality for your backups removing the dreaded patching system before adding backups to your microSD card. But it’s more than just games. You can listen to your MP3 music, read TXT eBooks, and run every homebrew application out there (and there are hundreds, if not thousands of homebrew applications and homebrew games available online). The R4 team has made this amazing product feature amazing functionality.

The R4 Revolution for DS features 2nd generation storage device, Flush fitting slot 1 card, Uses MicroSD card, FAT16 or 32, Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game, Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS, Built in NoPass, Automatically detect save type, Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip, Supports Moonshell and other homebrew. Open I/O interface, User friendly skin able interface. Touchscreen or button operation, Supports rumble pack and memory pack, Supports the Wi-Fi game, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser, Supports changes of the background of Operation Interface, Support Skin DIY by setting background and font colors on Main Menu and Game Menu manually and automatically, Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment, Supports the Soft Reset., Supports Action Replay cheat, Moonshell 1.6 support Software Reset function, DLDI auto-patching, Full download play support. Also for the storage purpose one more card slot is available in the basket Nintendo r4 revolution is the R4 NDS. The R4 NDS allows you to make backups of games you own. The r4 takes a micro SD memory card and with this you can store all your data.