Find More About AT&T Ringtones

AT&T is United States second largest telecom service provider. They have been long known for their excellent services. It stands apart from others in the competition due to its quality and stability. AT&T looks after your needs well and offer you some of the excellent mobile phone features such MP3 audio and video, camera and Internet services. The list of features does not end here AT&T now offers cool ringtone downloads.
If you have AT&T as your service provider then you can purchase your ringtones from AT&T. There are hundreds of them featuring on the website of AT&T to choose from. Choose them according to your taste and preferences to add to the customization level. You will surely find the top 40 songs chartbuster listed on the website of AT&T. It is always better to buy a ringtone from an authentic website rather than some website which offers free download. If you want to download the free ringtone, learn more about the website, to ensure safety of your computer and mobile phone.
AT&T also gives you the option to create your own ringtone online, this way you can create your own new music file and personalize your mobile phone. Here are the steps to convert your favorite music file into AT&T format for free:

• Select the song which you want to convert into AT&T format.

• Then in the resource section, select the ‘Myxer’ option.

• Click ‘Browse’ and look out for the song selected by you in step 1.

• Double click on the file and click ‘Upload’ icon.

• Wait for the advertisement to play.

• Once it’s done, a new window opens up on your web page.

• Drag the shaded box which is inside the audio animation, which is at the top of the window. The box will change when the music file starts changing into AT&T ringtone.

• Select the ‘Length’ window and type in a number. This number would specify for many seconds your phone will ring, before it goes on your voicemail. Ringtones go no less than fifteen seconds and more than thirty seconds.

• Select ‘Continue’ option.

• Give in your AT&T mobile phone number in the box.

• Select the ‘Send to phone’ icon and the AT&T ringtone is created.

• Then appears instructions for saving the AT&T ringtone on your mobile phone. Read them carefully and save the ringtone for future use.