E-Learning: E for Education, E for Enlightenment

No more are we surprised to find kids, hardly out of their toddler years, effortlessly using the computer and a string of other electronic gadgets. These new age kids literally define the very times that we live in. Sophistication has become a part of their lives and most of their daily activities. They are at home operating these high tech gadgets that we, even as grownups, find quite difficult to get familiar with in quick time. Amidst this, why not let even their mode of educational training become as advanced as their toys and the next generation gizmos that surround them. This is where e-class comes forth as an option for parents and teachers who desire their kids to learn everything there is to be learnt, grasp all knowledge even as they grow in strength and intelligence with each passing day. The concept of e-learning in India is yet in its early stages and may not exactly be spreading like wild fire in many parts of rural India. However, as a mode of teaching and learning, it has seen an increasing use in educational institutions in cities. Here computers and audio visuals are extensively being used to get the children better versed with the lessons taught in the classroom or for that matter even while learning at home. More and more schools are realizing the importance of e-learning for school kids. They know how this will greatly assist teachers in their tireless endeavors of preparing gifted beings and thus doing justice to the great intelligence of the little ones.

Since a teacher may find it real difficult to individually make sure that every child is clear with the lessons taught in the class, there is also a tendency of many students being confused. There are also times when a child, who has many doubts, will yet not approach the teacher out of embarrassment or shyness. This is where e-class comes into play. It becomes an assistant of the teacher, as in it is makes sure each student is cleared of all his doubts easily. It acts as a student’s best friend and is at his disposal 24/7 throughout the year.

It is the virtual platform of e-class that makes this impossibility possible. This is where e-learning in India simply goes to another level, even as a next generation platform of studying is made ready for the little ones. The beauty of e-learning for school kids is that it comes loaded in a pen drive along with an e-box which is a small multi-media player and thus readily plays on a TV set. It may as well be loaded into a personal computer, a server or for that matter even a laptop. All the subjects are covered by e-class and it is available readily for the students of standard 1 to standard 10 of Maharashtra State Board. E-learning for school kids is a medium with the outstanding potential of spreading a wave of education and literacy throughout the length and breadth of India. At the heart of it, e-class is not just another product for selling purpose. It truly aspires to be instrumental in spreading a revolution, an “e” revolution. Here “e” stands for education and enlightenment. Not only the urban kids but even rural children can greatly benefit from this platform of e-learning in India . For once, a child with good education is a child empowered with knowledge and wisdom. This is a child with the power to do anything.